4 thoughts on “Transcoding Anamorphic 2.8K ProRes

    • bradleyjandrew says:

      Hi Tony,

      Thanks for touching base. When I initially tackled this transcoding problem the original values specific worked perfectly to solve the black border issue, I used them on many jobs with no problems.

      It appears that something has changed either in the ARRI Image Processing or the way Resolve interprets it both when I compiled the assets for this post and over the past few weeks when I’ve been working.

      In the future when completing this transcode task please apply a scale of ‘1.023’ to the X and Y rather then the specified ‘1.059’. This will ensure a full frame anamorphic image with no black borders and no minor image cropping. I have verified this and confirmed that it works.

      Please let me know if you have any other issues!



  1. andrew g says:

    Thanks so much for the detailed guide! I kinda got lost on the math, but you’re sure you need to re-size both the X & Y to get rid of the borders? Or should you just be stretching X? Seems to me that you shouldn’t need to do anything to the Y dimensions in an image that is just squeezed horizontally. But, after scaling up X & Y, it’s still a perfect 2:1 ratio?


    • bradleyjandrew says:

      Hi Andrew,

      No worries at all, I’m glad that you found it helpful. You definitely need to resize both the X and the Y, if you just resize the X it will actually stretch the image slightly which would make it slightly distorted, proportions should be constrained when scaling up. I understand the point you are making but despite the black borders there is no way the images come out of the camera squashed or stretched. The native aspect ratio for the format discussed (Anamorphic ProRes 2.8K) is 2.66:1 which is usually cropped at the sides to make 2.39:1, so yes, if you scale up both X and Y you maintain that 2.66:1 Native Aspect Ratio.



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